AFS Communication

Advertising and design marketing services

AFS Communication was established in 1991. It is a boutique agency that has been serving in advertising, publishing, public relations, healthcareand digital communication fields continuously for 27 years. The agency opened its office in London in early 2018 and continues to work both in London and Istanbul.

AFS Communication

We manage your brand at best ...
Your firm and your corporate identity, which is the gate of your brand opened to the target, will be structured in the most appropriate way. We plan and implement all kind of design and brand management needed in creative field such as catalog, brochure, logo, corporate identity, banner and banner and advertisement works.

Digital marketing and social media management...
With digital marketing, social media management, block and content management, internet advertising, Adwords and SEO studies, we make your brand reach your target.

Professional support ...
We meet all your production needs, from photo shoots to corporate promotions and commercials, with our team holding necessary training and academic knowledge....

Communication and content are our business...
We produce the best content for you, serve it to the press, write your news, press releases and all other content. We increase your awareness by bringing your brand to millions in written and visual media like newspapers and magazines.

We are very experienced in this field...
We provide all kinds of brochures, catalogs, journals, annual reports, presentations and similar corporate publications related to your institution from content to the process of design and printing.

Would you like to ask us a question?
Be it in Turkey, be it in England or any other part of the world, we provide support for all kinds of market research, communication and Public relations works, network connections, digital marketing and social media management.


Services we offer

Advertising and design marketing services

Our publishing services

Consultancy services

Consulting services for companies wishing to enter Turkey's market


Cooperates Areas

Health Communication for Hospitals, Clinics and Doctors
• Communication counseling
• Digital marketing and social media management
• Network connections and promotional services in the UK

For Turkish entrepreneurs doing business in the UK
• Establishment of brand and corporate identity for companies
• Production of communication plans and advertising materials
• Consultancy for network connections
• Digital marketing and social media management
• Advertising and communication consulting services

Consultancy services for those who want to come to Britain from Turkey with the Ankara Agreement
• Support for business plan preparation, accountant connection
• Research on business areas and business potentials
• Investigate networks of potential customers and business
• Advertising and communication consulting services

Services we provide for British companies
• market research and network connectivity for companies wishing to enter Turkey market
• Drawing out of the communication and promotional activities plans to be held in Turkey.
• Communication, media and PR consultancy
• Digital marketing and social media management
• Graphic design services



UK Customers

Turkey Customers



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AFS Communication is a registered trademark of Doruk Ltd.
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Doruk Ltd is registered in England. Registered number is 11148446. Registered office is 17 Green Lanes London N16 9BS.